This page is meant for you to help resolve an issue where MoeScroll Advanced is displaying an error message or not behaving in the expected manor.


Problem: I am using 'Constant Scroll' and it appears that my content is being cut off or wrapping to a new line when I don't want it to!! What do I do?

Solution: Set the following module options under the 'Constant Scroll Options' tab:

  • For a vertical scroller: 'Fixed Slide Height (Vertical)'; set to 'No'
  • For a horizontal scroller: 'Fixed Slide Width (Horizontal)' set to 'No'


Problem: The body of my content is showing up twice!

Solution: In the settings for the module, deselect either 'Show Intro' or 'Show Body'
The problem occurs when a Joomla article does not have an intro set. 'When there is no intro and body Joomla returns the body as both the body and the intro. You can simply deselect either the 'Show Intro' or 'Show Body' to fix this problem.

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