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MoeScroll Advanced

If you received an error or have a question regarding the installation, configuration or general use of MoeScroll Advanced, take a look inside this category. 
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Random Article Module

The MoeDesigns Random Article module allows you to display a specified number of articles from a certain category or section either randomly or in order. It can also be used to display a single article in any module position on your site.  You have many options to control the look and feel and can even have it display a new random article every day.  If you are having any problems or having questions regarding this module please check in this FAQ category.
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MoeFade Article Fader

Find answers to your questions relating to the MoeDesigns MoeFade Article Fader for Joomla 1.5.

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Making a Purchase / Login Problems / Signing Up for or Cancelling a Subscription

 If you have any questions about purchasing a product, logging in, the developer's pass, or cancelling a subscription, please check this category.
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