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MoeScroll Advanced

If you received an error or have a question regarding the installation, configuration or general use of MoeScroll Advanced, take a look inside this category. 
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Constant scroll takes a long time to restart   3908
Fatal error: Call to undefined method JFactory::getdate() in modules/mod_moedesigns_moescroll_16/helper.php on line 69   5379
Help! The module is not showing up at all or not moving at all!   4916
I am using a jquery based menu (suckerfish, superfish ..) and the scroller is not working   7198
I am using the Constant Scroll setting and the Scroller is not moving   4620
Only part of my content is showing up and the rest is cut off   3541
PHP Error, "invalid argument supplied in foreach() ... on line 134"   3968
Showing more than one article at a time ( Fixed Slide Height / Width )   4979
The body of my content is showing up twice!   5631
The module is not parsing the {loadposition userx} tags in my content   6604