MoeDesigns MoeScroll Advanced for Joomla Demo

MoeScroll Advanced is a Joomla article scroller that allows you to scroll through a single article or multiple articles in a module position or inside an article.  This Joomla Scrolling content module lets you take advantage of Joomla's built in content management features to easily edit the content displayed.  The module offers you many options that can be utilitzed to create a scroller or fader that fits your specific needs while appealing to your visitors.

The current version of MoeScroll is available for Joomla version 1.5 - 3.x

Here are some examples of MoeScroll Advanced in action

Constant Scroll
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    The scroll box can be used to scroll Images, Banners, Plain Text, HTML... virtually anything! With the versatility and simplicity of this module, there are endless posibilities to the type of scroller you can create.
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    Joomla is a powerful CMS, because of this, MoeDesigns is able to continually update the modules that we create adding requested features and fixing bugs.  Joomla 1.5 utilizes new libraries that allow us to create smooth scrolling content boxes that are much more SEO friendly than a flash scroller.


  3. Formatting Text is quite easy due to the fact that MoeScroll Advanced lets you use the Joomla Text Editor.  Nothing new to learn, just type, format and go, the same way you would with any Joomla Content Item!


Multi-Article Scrolling with Navigation
  1. ArrowsIs your website motionless and bland?  Need something to help get the attention of your visitors? No one likes overbearing flashy banners.  How about an eye catching joomla article scroller with multiple transition effects? MoeScroll can provide your users with useful information without taking up valuable real estate on your site.  With MoeScroll, installation and setup can take under 5 minutes and your site will be looking better in no time!

  2. Joomla LogoWith MoeScroll Advanced you can scroll virtually any HTML, formatted text, CSS styled content, images, you name it, you can scroll it.  Because MoeScroll uses Joomla's articles, editing content is a snap with the WYSIWYG editor. Use it to display a product list like we have on our sidebar, or use it to scroll your forum rules or your latest news.  Installation is a snap. Setup is a breeze. In no time your site can be much more eye-catching!

  3. transition effectsChoose from many different transition effects such as, Bounce, Elastic, Fading and more! MoeScroll Advanced lets you scroll your content in any direction with complete control over how the content is presented to your users. Pull a singe article, multiple articles, category, multiple categories, section or multiple sections.  The possibilities are endless and the results are spectacular!

  4. woman

    • Compatible with K2 CCK
    • 100% CSS Stylable
    • MultipleTransition Effects
    • Native Joomla 1.5 Module
    • Navigation system
    • XHTML Valid!
  5. k2 LogoJoomla's premiere article scroller just got even better!  With the release of v1.7.12 we are proud to offer integration with the widely used k2 Content component! k2 is an amazing component that adds all the missing features for content management to Joomla 1.5.  If you have not used it, check it out at  MoeScroll Advanced now links up with the k2 system to give you the most powerful content scroller every released for Joomla!  You can scroll not just your K2 articles, but your extra fields and the images linked to your articles.

Article by Article - Fade In/Out
puzzleMoeFade is a great Joomla article fader that allows you to display many articles while taking up very little space on your site.  Offering more content to your visitors without overloading them should be the number one goal of any web site.  MoeFade can help bring your visitors the information they need without throwing it at them all at once.  Why not try Moefade today and bring some life to your site.
The best way to keep a visitor on your site is to have a simple yet eye catching layout.  MoeFade can break up a bland site by offering a smooth transition between articles that will supply your visitors with valuable information in an eye catching way.  Getting visitors to your site is hard enough, keeping them there can now be easier than ever.
  • 100% CSS Stylable
  • Smooth Fading Transition
  • Native Joomla 1.5 Module
  • Navigation system
  • XHTML Valid!